A Dream

The Baldwin County Homeschool Expo was a dream a couple of us homeschool mamas had. We saw the need to bring everything under one roof so everyone can connect and surround each other with the resources we have right in our backyard.  As homeschool families, we know how hard it can be to find opportunities for our children. There are so many out there,  you have to search to find them. So why not bring them all to one location!

Homeschooling is growing very fast! For new homeschool families it can be very overwhelming. You can spend hours on the computer seeing how to legally homeschool and what is out there to help our children grow and learn. Now both ‘new’ and ‘old’ homeschool families can come together, meet each other and see what is available in their ‘backyard’!

Stephanie Whaley

Administrator of White Sands Academy
Admin of Baldwin Co Homeschoolers FB Group

Stephanie is a homeschool mom of two with a
passion to help others.  Her ultimate goal is to
bring the local Baldwin County homeschool
community closer together and work with
each other to inspire the children.

Sabrina Bassett

Founder of Hallelujah Homeschoolers
Admin of Baldwin Co Homeschoolers FB Group

Sabrina has homeschooled for 26 years.
She is currently teaching the youngest two
out of four children.  Her drive is to help others and
pass on knowledge she has gained over the years.